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About Jane

I first joined a slimming group in my mid-teens and continued to battle with my weight until my late 30’s. I watched fad diets come and go, I remember being particularly hungry on the grapefruit diet and let’s not talk about the side effects of the cabbage diet! It wasn’t until I changed my attitude to weight loss that I really gained control of my weight.

Through my own battles, I truly understand the problems and pitfalls of keeping your weight loss on track.
As a consultant for the country’s leading Slimming Company, I helped many people achieve their weight loss dreams and goals. Now, as a private Weight Loss and Nutritional Advisor, I am helping those who can’t, or don’t want to, join a large group scenario. With ‘one to ones’ or in small groups I am able to really get to grips with my client’s issues around weight loss.

I love my job! I love helping people make positive changes that not only affect them but their families as well. I get so much satisfaction from the fact that I am setting people up for a happier, healthier future.

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    This photo was taken when I was at my heaviest
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    I currently live in Cheltenham with my husband Jon and son Oscar

Janes philosophy

Did you know that losing weight is easier than gaining it? So why is it so damn hard to lose weight and keep it off?

Firstly, I just don’t believe in ‘diets’!

Diets are something you are either ‘on or off’ and they do not work long term! ‘Dieting’ conjures up the word ‘forbidden’ and the minute something is forbidden it instantly becomes so much more attractive! Nothing should be ‘banned’ It’s all about mindfulness and moderation.

The cycle of a compulsive ‘dieter’


It is only by breaking this punishing cycle that real change and progress can be made.
With your commitment and my advice, support and encouragement we will change your eating habits and mind set and this cycle will soon be a thing of the past!

Secondly, losing weight on your own can be a lonely business.

Research has shown that people who lose weight with a support system lose 3 to 5 times more than those who go it alone (*Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas)

Having someone who will highlight the eating habits that are holding you back, someone to keep you accountable, someone who understands the obstacles around losing weight, someone who is there to encourage, support and motivate you – really brings results!

I will support you to:-

  • Change your attitude towards losing weight
  • Gradually alter your eating habits
  • Make mindful choices
  • Not be a slave to the weighing scales!
  • Gain straight forward nutritional advice

I will be giving you the tools to manage your weight loss and keep it off long after your sessions with me have finished.

Helping you stay on track whilst changes become habit!

Does this sound right for you? Want to find out more?

Jane Mallett