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Do you want to stop ‘dieting’?

Do you need accountabilty & support in losing weight?

Are you too busy to join a large slimming group?

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?
Jane can help!

Hello and welcome to my website

I’m Jane Mallett, a Weight Loss and Nutritional Advisor; I have been helping people to lose weight for many years. I understand the difficulties and complexities involved in losing weight and keeping it off. I am not a fan of the ‘diet industry’ and do not agree with the sensational promises they so often offer – fad diets do not work!

Can you imagine a life where you’re not constantly jumping on and off the weighing scales and have the confidence that you are in control of what you are eating and therefore your weight? Well, that’s what my programmes are designed for - I have created my own approach, that is safe, with no gimmicks, to help you change your eating habits, change your attitude towards food & weight loss and ultimately - to change your life!

Your commitment + my expertise = real results!

Changing eating habits…

We often develop eating habits that result in expanding waistlines! The first we notice may be when we fish out your favourite pair of shorts and they are more snug than they were last year!

It may not be immediately obvious to you what needs to change – but it will be to me! Following an in-depth look at what you are eating and drinking, I will recommend ‘tweaks’ to reverse the upward trend. Tweaking rather than removing habits takes away the feeling of restriction or ‘dieting’, making it easier for these changes to become new habits.

Changing attitudes…

This is the big one! Through my own struggles with weight, it wasn’t until I had a change in attitude towards losing weight that I had real success is gaining control of my eating habits.

I would often feel sorry for myself and would blame a multitude of reasons why I was overweight. Realising only I was responsible for ‘me’ and that I had full control over what I was eating was a breakthrough. The feeling of being in control of food, and not the other way around, was so liberating and it is for my clients too!

Changing lives…

Losing weight and being in control of what you are eating brings life changing rewards!

You will look and feel better physically and mentally. Your body will be getting all the nutrients it needs and you’ll no doubt be sleeping better too! This will result in more energy, more va va voom, which will have knock on effects to every aspect of your life. AND - you will be securing yourself a healthier happier future too without the worries of all the health issues being overweight can bring.

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Jane Mallett

Jane Mallett